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Dr. Dirt’s Parking Stripe Removal Service Is A Specialized Pressure Washing Service. “Our Primary Goal Is To Make Your Parking Lot And Your Property Look Amazing.”

If You Have Any Parking Stripes, Painted Lines, Oil Stains, And Need Them To Be Removed Safely and Effectively…Then Dr. Dirt Can Definitely Help You.

Does Your Small Business, Rental Property, Or Church Need Any Parking Stripes, Painted Lines, Arrows, or Painted Words Completely Removed From A Concrete Parking Lot Area?


Are You a Small Business Owner, Church, or Property Owner?

Do You Need Your Parking Lot Power Washed?

Are There Any Oil Stains That Need Removed?

Are You Interested In Having New Parking Stripes Painted?

Are You Interested Concrete Colored Stains?

Are You Interested In Clear Concrete Sealants?


       “If You Need Parking Stripes, Paint Stripes, and/or Paint Markings Removed Safely and Effectively Then Call Dr. Dirt Today.”


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        Paint Stripe Removal Service-Advanced Pressure Washing Solutions-Indianapolis, IN 


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What Type Of Paint Lines, Stripes, or Markings Do You Need Removed? 

  • Do you have multiple layers of paint?
  • Do your lines have a variety of colors?
  • Do you have word stenciling and/or arrows?
  • Are you paint lines “thick” or “thin”?
  • Can you barely see them or are they painted over and over again?
  • Are your parking stripes the wrong color?
  • Are you moving a handicap area or just a few lines?
  • Are you looking to have all of your lines and markings removed?
  • Notice: We cannot remove any paint markings that are still in use. If some company such as Joink or Duke Energy happens to paint lines on your property we can remove them as soon as they have finished their project. 
  • Notice: There is a possibility that your insurance will cover the cost of those types of markings considering their companies do not offer free removal of the paint they applied. Their position is the paint will eventually wear off (after several years).
  • Do you have any curbs or parking stoppers that need paint removed?
  • Do you have any graffiti that needs to be removed?


Is There An Access To Water Within 200 Feet?

  • Do you have more than one outside water access unit?
  • Does the water access unit work properly?
  • Is you water access unit damaged or not working?
  • Do you have an inside water source such as a washing machine water line?
  • Perhaps a water access unit in a basement or garage?
  • Is it possible for you to obtain water from a near by residence or another business within 200 feet?
  • Access to water is necessary to preform these advanced pressure washing services.
  • We Cannot Remove Parking Stripes Without Access to Water.
  • If you do not have any access to water you might want to consider concrete staining.
  • If your paint lines are “very faded”, flat, and/or “very thin”, then they can “possibly” be covered up with concrete stain. 
  • NOTICE: This will take more than one coat of concrete stain to cover old parking stripes.
  • After the area has been properly prepped & power washed. Then you could simply paint new parking lines on top of the new concrete stain and your parking lot will look “amazing and brand new”.


Do You Have a Small, Medium, or Large Parking Lot?

  • A small office building such as a insurance agent or accountant will likely have about 10 parking spaces that = about 20 lines and will have likely a handicap area with a safety grid.
  • A medium sized office such as a dentist or an  attorneys office will have about 25 parking spaces that = about 50 lines and will likely have two handicap spaces, with safety grids, and likely arrows or some type of stenciled words for directions.
  • A large office or medium sized church you will have about 50 parking spaces that = about 100 lines, including handicap spaces and safety grids, as well as stenciling and arrows in most cases.


Does This Parking Lot or Area Have Water Drains?

  • How many water drains does the lot have?
  • Do any of those water drains have pictures of “fish” on them or any specific writing stamped into the iron grate that indicates the water will drain into a river or public or natural water source area?
  • Are there any water drainage areas near by such a “water curves”? 
  • Notice : (these are the concrete “road gutters”), these will surround most buildings for rain to drain into a water drain that if much larger and further away from some properties. The road gutters are typically about 12 inches wide and have a considerable “curve” of about 4 inches or more deep.
  • Are there any near by public water areas such as lakes, rivers, or ponds?


Do You Have Any Concerns About What Types Of Chemicals Are Used In This Process?

  • There are several different chemicals that can and will be applied in the process of removing parking stripes. These chemicals will vary dramatically depending on the “water drainage criteria’. To ensure the safety of everyone we have a variety of options of both what types of chemicals to use…and the process of how they are applied and removed.
  • It is possible to contain chemicals on the property…it simply requires far more time and effort. Regardless, these are federal laws that must and will be followed.
  • If there are any risks of the chemicals leaving the property…then they must be 100% biodegradable and have chemicals that are naturally organic and safe to use in and around other organic areas such as water resources.
  • Federal law states that any chemicals that do not require special “hazardous materials labeling know as “Haz-Mat”” can be used on “your property” as long as those chemicals do not “leave your property.
  • It is our objective to never let certain chemicals leave the property.
  • For instance, there may be an area where the lines are painted several times and will need more potent chemicals and possibly more than one treatment. These chemicals do not leave your property ever. With different removal strategies we can ensure the safety of our services. 
  • Notice: When using 100% biodegradable products they are more expensive, they typically need more than one application, and they typically will still leave some “hints or traces” of the paint.
  • Notice: These products will almost always need two applications and will require twice as much time to remove painted stripes safely and effectively.
  • With a variety of our surface cleaners we will then removal as much paint as humanly possible with out damaging the surface or polluting Indianapolis and our water ways.


Do You Need or Want Any Other Concrete Surface Cleaning Done?….Such as Sidewalks, Porches, Decorative Stone Work Areas, Concrete Walls or Driveways?

  • Our concrete surface cleaning includes a pre-treatment, then a thorough extensive deep surface cleaning, and a follow-up post treatment….and oil stain removal if necessary.
  • These treatments make all the difference in the world when it comes to the over-all look of the concrete and is properly prepped for any stains and sealants from this point.
  • This leaves the concrete looking new and/or clean again depending on the age and the condition of the concrete area.
  • Our objective is to not only remove your paint stripes, but to enhance and re-new all of your concrete surrounding areas…leaving them looking amazing.


Would You Be Interested In Concrete Stains and/or Sealants?

  • You can choose from a wide variety of colors for you concrete areas. Such as your side walks, entry ways, porches, patios, swimming pools, gazebos, basements, garages….if it is concrete….and that concrete is clean….and the temperature is above 45 degrees….then the concrete area can be stained and/or sealed.  
  • We give you total control of ordering any products from any store of your choosing. This allows you to choose from a wide variety of colors and options that will fit into “your budget” for this financial investment.
  • You have endless options here to save yourself hundreds of dollars by purchasing your own custom colors. You have many on sale options at any local store, endless online options that can be shipped to your business, This gives you total control of this investment, and you know exactly what you are spending.
  • We do recommend you order more than you need. You may need additional coats in some areas, you may simply want 2 or 3 coats for safety or just want the sealants and/or stains last longer. Again this allows you total control of how to invest your money.
  • Any concrete surface can be stained and/or sealed as long as it has been properly power washed and “prepped” for the stains and/or sealant applications.
  • Or you can simply choose our basic battleship gray colored stain for any parking lot, side walk, porch or patio to look brand new again. Temperatures do need to be in excess of 45degrees for this service to be preformed properly.   
  • NOTICE: When purchasing your own products always buy more than you need. Allow 50 feet per gallon for clear concrete sealants, and allow 100 feet per gallon for concrete stains of any color.


Do You Have Any Oil Stains That Need To Be Removed?

  • Oil stains will in fact come off with extraordinary results. Oils stains require a specialty chemicals. Chemical that are organic and are 100% biodegradable do not produce the same results very similar to paint removal. Additionally we are able to use stronger chemicals for oil stain removal and those can easily be contained on the property. Oils stains are typically in the front of any building and usually are not near a water drain.
  • NOTICE: Severe oil stains will take more than one application of chemicals and surface cleaning treatments and will take longer than other areas. These must be removed prior to any concrete stains and/or sealers.


Do You Need New Parking Lines Painted?

  • We custom design and hand paint all of our parking lots according to the needs and desires of the property owner.
  • Hand painted lines last 3 to 5 times longer than commercially “sprayed painted” lines.
  • Hand painted lines are simply more pleasing to look at, and they make the small business or office look above and beyond professional.
  • Hand painted lines are more “colorful” and make the handicapped spaces far more visible for the disabled person. 
  • Custom made stencils look more professional for the small office who simply needs a few arrows here and there, or a few words for parking.
  • Hand painted curb stoppers are far more visible than commercially sprayed stoppers and make parking easier for everyone.
  • Hand painted lines are far more durable than sprayed lines simply because the amount of paint that is used.
  • Hand painting the lines allows the paint to saturate the concrete and can be painted several times for additional layers.
  • Painting multiple layers of paint is why the lines will last 3 to 5 times longer and look “more colorful” and pleasing to see, perfect for the church, small business owner, or any property owner who wants their business and/or office to look neat, clean, and professional.
  • Custom painting by hand is needed for parking areas where the concrete has damage or is in poor condition. Hand painting these complicated areas can bring a lot of beauty to complicate concrete areas that do not look pleasing.
  • Hand painting lines on a really good concrete surface makes the parking lot look brand new, fresh, clean, and very professional.



We accept all major credit cards



             We Do Not Give EstimatesWe Give You Exact Prices

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 “If the project takes longer than we agreed upon or there are any other unexpected delays such as weather conditions you will never be charged “additional fees” on top of our original agreement. All Labor is 100% completely absorbed by Dr. Dirt’ Power Washing Service LLC for any delays or “additional time on site”.  There will never be additional costs or chemical fees billed to you for any reason, we simply agree on a fixed price and conduct our business….   “Dr. Dirt”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Would Like To Get an “Exact Price” Sent Directly to Your Phone Today?

Before We Can Give You An Exact Price Today…

We Will Need The Following Information From You…

  1. At least 1 Photo of Your Main Water Source.
  2. Your Parking Stripes and/or Paint Stripes (simple basic over-all pictures).
  3. Close Up Pictures of The Parking Lines and/or Paint Issues.
  4. A few Pictures of Your Water Drains and Water Gutter Curves if There is Any.
  5. Your Address and location So I Can Pull Up The Property On Google Earth.
  6. Distant Photos of the Area or Parking Lot Itself Including Buildings.
  7. Photos of Any Graffiti and/or Stray Paint Marks, Tire Marks, Oil Stains, or any Concrete Stains That You Would Like To Have Removed.
  8. All of The Surrounding Concrete and/or Asphalt Areas That You Want Surfaced Cleaned.
  9. If You Want New Parking Stripes Painted, What Type and How Many.
  10. If You Want Any Concrete Sealants and/or Stains.
  11. Your name and/or name of your church and/or the name of your small business


                   Call or Text – Send Your Pictures Directly to….

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   Paint Stripe Removal Service-Advanced Pressure Washing Solutions-Indianapolis, IN 46204


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